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We are Tennis trainer and Technical engineer so the right place for your sport machine products! You can ask all questions, we sure know!

With more than 10 years experience with ball machines, badminton machines and stringing machines, we can support and repair all our product in our own service center with all parts on stock!

Why buy a car from a good garage and a ball/stringing machine far away? Even though our machines are high quality, a machine always needs support. Then, The Racketclub is the right place!

We started our company in 2007 as a regular tennis shop. Because we “live for sport” and we are technical, machines for sport soon became our favorite products. 

A ball machine, badminton machine and stringing machine have many moveable parts and so, after some time, these need some service. Not so many customers realize this when they buy a new machine. When you don’t have the service and the parts available, the machine will be unused after a while, when there is even a small problem. That’s what makes The Racketclub special! When buying from us, you don’t need to send back to “Somewherefaraway-country” or even “Can’tRepair-shop”. The Racketclub is an Internet shop, but we also don’t hide who we are and give good service in our own service center.

And why not buy from The Racketclub because our prices are very competitive!

Who we are

My original profession was IT Engineer. Because I like to sport very much and tennis was my favorite sport, I did tennis trainer course (license A) and sports massage in The Netherlands. At the time I was both tennis trainer and full job IT engineer, I was very busy and had to chose one of these and then I started The Racketclub.

Arnold van Houten

Owner / Founder
After my study as a technical worker and administration, I studied psychology. Many years I worked in my own businesses in China, especially purchase, sales and strategic planning. This is why I am very experienced in contacting Chinese businesses and I know how to strategically do the right sales talk and negotiation.

Xiangyang van Houten-Cai

Purchase / Contact Asia
Arnold and Xiangyang meet each other in China during one of the visits to China that Arnold did regularly to find new products for The Racketclub. Because Xiangyang is technical and sales experienced, she now is the contact for China to buy new products and manage technical problems straight with the Chinese technical specialist.

Arnold and Xiangyang

A good Team!

Sport machines need Services We Do!

Many years experience in Sport and Technics, with a special service center

Our Service Center

Our Service Center

Ever bought a car without any garage for repair? Why do with a sport machine?

A lot of sport experience!

A lot of sport experience!

Tennis is our main experience and we also have some badminton specialists to contact

Close contact with factories in China

Close contact with factories in China

We regularly visit the factories/fairs in China to find the best products and know the people who produce the products

We know our products

We know our products

We make manuals / videos / descriptions ourselves because we know the products we sell