• Badminton

    Ball machines continuous shoot the right balls

    Practicing is the key to success!

  • Badminton

    A ball machine can upgrade training a lot... and it's fun

    Why only train with a trainer?

  • Badminton

    Why not use a ball machine?

    Keep training your skills again and again.

A badminton machine?
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Specialists in badminton machines

We have lots of experience with badminton machines and we have our own service center with (almost) all parts on stock.

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Details of models
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Excellent service

We have our own service center with almost all parts on stock and experienced technicians with knowledge of tennis.

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Competitive prices

Our prices are very competitive and regularly we have actions for free products or low cost, when buying a ball machine.

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No hidden costs
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Siboasi 2015

The budget badminton machine with nice features for basic training of one person.

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Automatic left right movement
Horizontal and vertical position could be set by trainer
Speed and frequency from 20-140 km/h
All controlled by remote control
Power of 110/220V, about 115 shuttles

Siboasi 4025

The most professional badminton machine with many inbuilt trainings and you can even program your own trainings

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Shoot at speeds of 20-140 km/h and high frequency to all positions on court
Many inbuilt trainings (2 cross balls, 2/3-line, horizontal/vertical variation, random)
Easily make programs on 28 different positions on court
About 170 shuttles, power on 110/220V or battery, electronic lifting foot to about 2.5 meter

Siboasi YS-8

Discontinued model with lots of features for lower prices. Last machines of our stock! One new (€ 1750,-) and one demo model (€ 1250,-).

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Horizontal and vertical variation
2-line function for shooting at 2 players
Random function
Works on battery and 220V
Machine panel and remote control
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