Tennis Tutor Club: play “Corona-proof” tennis at home

Tennis Tutor Club

Didn’t you play tennis during the lock down? That’s awful because with this tool you can train your tennis strokes for a low price. The tool can even be used inside a room (about 3×4 meter). And for children no need to play games at the computer, they love playing with the Tennis Tutor Club. See the video’s how great this tool is.

During “lock down” in our garden

Children at tennis club: playing “around the world”

Tennis Tutor Club

Powershot 3 NG (Next Generation) now also high speed topspin

The Racketclub Powershot 3 tennis ball machine already had by far most features of all our ball machines, including programming. Even though the machine was lower price than the Spinfire Pro 2, some top tennis players still choose the Spinfire for their training because of the high speed topspin balls of the Spinfire. The Powershot 3 couldn’t shot topspin balls at the highest speed. But now this has changed! Topspin balls at huge speed or only low speed, just whatever you want and how much topspin you prefer, see the video to see the result. This machine is the Powershot 3 NG.

See the speed of up/down wheel and the shooting height in the video, you can set as you like.

You can make your own programs at all 28 positions on tennis court (7 horizontal and 4 depths). Or choose one of the many in-built trainings of the machine. While almost all tennis ball machines have a “random function” of left/right and up/down movement, the Powershot 3 has a real random function and shoots random at one of the 28 positions.
Like all our machines, the PS3 has internal oscillation so you can’t see where the ball will be shot like some old fashioned machines (f.e. Lobster, Tennis Tutor), where the whole machine moves left/right.

In this video you see all the amazing features of the Powershot 3.

Available at The Racketclub:

Begin of October

Powershot Tennismash 1: app controlled high quality ball machine

The Racketclub Tennismash 1 is a high quality budget tennis ball machine for private use with all the features for private trainings. The machine works on a large external battery (about 5 hrs!) which you can charge in your home without moving the whole machine. The weight is low (19 kg) and it works with an app on iPhone and Android phones. Everyone in the family can install the app and no worry about a lost/damaged remote control. 

The machine can move left/right and up/down and can shoot normal, topspin and backspin balls. 

The machine is made very reliable: high quality parts, no risky sensors, no remote control that could be lost. 

In summary: a great low weight high quality ball machine with nice features for private training. And The Racketclub gives 2 years warranty and long time service, so you can always ask us when there might be a problem or if you want to do a training and you don’t know how to set in the app.