High quality tennis ballmachine: Tennismash 1

Low weight / size but high performance

The Racketclub Tennismash 1 is a high quality tennis ballmachine for a budget price. The machine is made for private use with all the features for private trainings. The machine works on a large external battery (about 5 hrs!) which you can charge in your home without moving the whole machine. The weight is low (19 kg) and it works with an app on iPhone and Android phones. Everyone in the family can install the app and no worry about a lost/damaged remote control. 

The tennis ballmachine can move left/right and up/down and can shoot normal, topspin and backspin balls. 

The tennis ball machine is made very reliable: high quality parts, no risky sensors, no remote control that could be lost. 

Summerized: a great low weight high quality tennis ball machine with nice features for private training. And The Racketclub gives 2 years warranty and long time service, so you can always ask us when there might be a problem or if you want to do a training and you don’t know how to set in the app.

Tennis Ballmachine for Padel trainings

We tested the Powershot Tennismash 1 at a Paddle court and this is a cheap and nice solution for training Paddle. Only for the high balls you need to add 4 cm height below the front feet and then the machine still works great. See this video for training Paddle.


The Powershot Tennismash 1 is a nice machine for private use with horizontal and vertical random balls, an external Lithium battery (+/- 5 hours) and you can control the machine by mobile phone (iPhone or Android). The machine is easy to use, very reliable (never problems) and suitable for most tennis players. The machine can shoot normal tennis balls and children tennis balls (stage). So the machine is for every players level. And the most important part of a ballmachine, the service of De Racketclub is great. We are specialists in ballmachines with huge knowledge and experience. Our service centre for maintenance also has almost all parts of our machines on stock.

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