Racketclub Powershot 2


Powershot 2

The machine for training your basic strokes and train 2 (groups of) people.

The Powershot 2 machine is meant for training your basic strokes (forehand, backhand, volley) with normal, topspin or slice balls. Higher balls can be served but is more difficult. If you like to train on the tenniscourt mainly your basic strokes, this is a perfect machine. The machine can serve horizontal/vertical variable balls, 2-line balls (also 2 depths), 2 cross balls and random balls. Because the machine can shoot balls at 2 fixed horizontal positions, it is also useful for training 2 (groups of) people, every player gets a ball and the machine moves then to the other player. The 2-line function is a very useful feature for training people because you can split a group in 2 separate groups which is twice as efficient as only one group.

The machine has a battery (for about 4 hours) and works with 220V power. The big wheels and the inflatable handle makes the machine easy to transport, the ball bucket (for about 160 balls) could be put upside down on the machine to make the machine compact and easy put in a small car.

Like all the Racketclub machines, the shooting system moves internally so it’s not predictable where the ball will be shot. The machine has 6 positions on the court (3 horizontal, 2 depths) and there are programs for mixing balls between these positions.

28 kilogram (including internal battery)

Battery usage hours:
About 4 hrs.

Via remote control.

Extendable handle, ball bucket fits exact upside down for transport over the handle (ball bucket can’t loosen while transporting)

Number of balls:
About 160 (180 with top). No balls will stay in ball bucket, all will be shot.

Type of balls:
All balls (also stage 1&2) except stage 3 children balls.

Shooting speed:
140 km/h.

2 years, in our own service centre.

Delivery time:
Immediately (from stock).

  1. Normal, topspin, slice balls
  2. Shooting at fixed position
  3. Horizontal variable
  4. 2-line (narrow, middle, wide), 3-line
  5. Vertical 2 line
  6. Cross balls (4 types of 2 balls cross of each other)
  7. Random function (between 6 positions on the court)
  8. Internal battery for 4 hours, external battery optional
  9. 220V (for continuouws play)
  10. Remote control
  11. English manual and extra extended English or Dutch manual (pdf)
  12. Ebook with trainings for ball machines
Product Description
 The Racketclub Powershot 2 is a great ball machine for private use. The machine has a remote control for all control  of the machine and an internal battery for 5 hours playtime and and inbuilt 110/220V connection for continuous play with the machine. The fixed position is for enhancing strokes and horizontal and random movement simulates a match play training. The 2-line function is for training 2 (groups of) players and the cross trainings for training the footwork between 2 positions. 


The machine can shoot at 1 fixed position (2 x 3 (depth x horizontal) positions defined on the court) and shoot random balls at these 6 positions.


The machine can shoot normal balls, topspin and slice balls. These can be used in all trainings.


The machine has an extra lob foot for training smashes.


The machine can shoot with a speed from 20-140 km/h. 

Level of player

The machine is mainly produced for all level players (children as well) to train their skills. The machine has 6 fixed positions, 3 short and 3 deep, for shooting the balls. Very young players could get the ball at short position(s) with low speed and setting the machine some higher with the extra foot.


All balls, except the bigger Stage 3, can be used. So stage 1 (green) and 2 (orange) children balls, pressurized and pressureless balls.


Very comfortable machine for transportation by car (low weight) and an extendable handle and big wheels makes the machine easy roll over tiles and tennis courts.


Machine, charger (for internal battery), 110/220V cable, remote control, ball hopper, English manual and special ebook for trainings with ball machines made by a tennis trainer.

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Packaging & Shipping

 The machine can be sent from China and The Netherlands (Europe) from stock. The shipment from China by plane will take about 2 weeks. The shipment within Europe will take max. 4 days. 

Our Services

 We have a good English manual and a special ebook with trainings and games with a ball machine. We have email and whatsapp support for questions and problems. Our website racketclub.nl has many videos and detailed information of the machine.

Company Information

 The Racketclub is specialized in sports machines and especially ball machines. We have our own service centre and on our website is a lot of detailed information for easy problems.


Is the machine suitable for private trainings?

–> Sure, this machine very suitable for private use. Spin balls, horizontal and movement, remote control, battery are all necessary features for private training.

Can I give group trainings with the machine?

–> This machine is suitable for training because it also include a 2-line function for shooting balls to 2 exact horizontal positions on the court. Because of the 2-line, the training will be much more effective, for example when there are totally 4 players the machine can shoot the balls fast to 2 groups of 2 players which is much more effective than let 4 people wait for the ball. 

Is the machine good for high level players?

–> The speed of the balls is good for high level players. The level for German players is max. LK4 and for Dutch players max. 3, which is just below professional level. So for 99% of the players, the machine is perfect.

Can you train volleys with the Powershot 2?

–> Sure, the machine can play fixed or random volleys and you can also play topspin volleys for extra difficulty. 

Can I put the machine in my car?

–> Yes, the machine is very compact and low weight, so easy to insert in the back of the car. The ball hopper fits exactly upside down on the machine which makes the machine very compact and even easily fit in a small car.

How long can I play with the Powershot 2?

–> The battery is suitable for about 5 hours, this is much more than necessary for 1 person. Also, when longer play is necessary, you can buy another battery box which can be used for another 3 hours.

Can I use the machine for a day event?

–> Yes, the machine has a 110/220V cable connection and cable, you should use a long cable for connecting to a 110/220V connection.

Is the machine predictable?

–> No, like all our ball machines, the machine has internal oscillation so you don’t see the machine itself moving left/right like some old-style machines (Lobster / Tennis Tutor).

Is the machine strong (not easily break)?

–> The machine is made of strong hard plastic and has no sensors or weak parts which sometimes makes ball machines more vulnerable. Therefor the machine hardly needs service. The Racketclub has some tips/tricks for use the machine long time. You should think of shooting wheels and remote control.

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