Racketclub Powershot 3 NG


Powershot 3
Next Generation

With this programmable machine you can train (almost) everything!

The Powershot 3 machine is the most advanced ball machine on the market, especially for this low price. While there are so many features for home and trainer use, the machine is quite easy to operate. Due to the programming function, all training sessions are possible, but there are also many “ready-made” training sessions in the machine.

The machine has a huge lithium battery (for 6-8 hours!) And works on 220V. Large wheels and inflatable handle make the machine easy to transport, the ball bucket (for about 170 balls) can be placed upside down on the machine for compact and easy placement in a small car.

Like all Racketclub machines, the shooting system moves internally, so it is impossible to predict where the ball will be shot. The random feature is really unique which no other ball machine in the market has, the ball is really randomly shot into the lane and not just left / right and up / down like most ball machines do. The machine has 28 positions on the court (7 horizontal, 4 depths) where the programs can shoot the balls. Usually you use the built-in programs, but it is easy to create your own program where each position can be programmed once, so max. 28 balls.

The original Powershot 3 had fixed speed spin balls, so it was not possible to select spin balls at any speed you want. Now this has changed in the Powershot 3 NG. You can place topspin and backspin balls at any speed you want and with all levels of spin!

30 kilogram (including internal battery)

Packaged size (hopper upside down): 56x40x52.5 cm (LxWxH)

Expanded size (working operation): 56x40x83 cm (LxWxH)

Battery usage hours:
About 6-8 hrs.

Via remote control.

Extendable handle, ball bucket fits exact upside down for transport over the handle (ball bucket can’t loosen while transporting)

Number of balls:
About 170 (190 with top). No balls will stay in ball bucket, all will be shot

Type of balls:
All balls (also stage 1&2) except stage 3 children balls.

Shooting speed:
140 km/h.

2 years, in our own service centre.

Delivery time:
Immediately (from stock).

  1. Normal, topspin, slice balls
  2. Shooting at fixed position
  3. Horizontal variable
  4. 2-line (narrow, middle, wide), 3-line
  5. Vertical variable, vertical 2 line
  6. Cross balls (6 types of 2 balls cross of each other)
  7. Random function (real random in the court, not just left/right and short/deep movement)
  8. Programming up to 28 balls in one training (at 28 positions: 7 horizontal, 4 depths)!
  9. Internal battery for 6-8 hours, external battery optional
  10. 220V (for continuouws play)
  11. Remote control
  12. Battery power level % display
  13. English manual and extra extended English or Dutch manual (pdf)
  14. Ebook with trainings for ball machines
Product Description
The Racketclub Powershot 3 NG is the perfect ball machine for private use AND professional trainers. The machine has a remote control for all control and an internal battery for 6-8 hours (!) playtime. There is hardly nothing the machine can not do. Many built-in trainings with normal/topspin/slice balls and “easy to make” your own programs at 28 defined positions (4 depths, 7 horizontal).


The machine can shoot at 60 horizontal (with arrows easy set from 10-70) and 30 heights (easily set from 10-40) positions.


The machine can shoot normal balls, topspin and slice balls at all speeds and all levels of spin.


The machine can shoot high lob balls for training smashes. The height could be easily set very secure with the remote control with arrows between 10 and 40. For next time training, you could remember your preferred height and easily set it the same height with the number on remote control.


The machine can shoot with a speed from 20-140 km/h. 

Level of player

The machine can be used for young children to shoot very slowly just behind the net and also for top/professional players who want to train their skills.


All balls, except the bigger Stage 3, can be used. So stage 1 (green) and 2 (orange) children balls, pressurized and pressureless balls.


Very comfortable machine for transportation by car with big wheels and an extendable handle makes the machine easy roll over tiles and tennis courts. While the handle is inserted in the ball hopper, it is comfortable to walk with the machine with balls in the hopper. The hopper won’t fall down (because of the handle) when transporting over rough ground and the machine is only a bit skew so balls don’t fall out.


Machine, battery charger, 220V cable, remote control, ball hopper, English manual and special ebook with trainings made by tennis trainer.

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