Racketclub Powershot 3 NG


Powershot 3
Next Generation

With this programmable machine you can train (almost) everything!

Do you know......?

  • The Powershot 3 NG is very reliable

    While we sold several hundreds of this machine, we hardly found problems. No problems with battery, shooting wheels and ball feeding, while these problems are quite common Ballmachine problems. The Powershot 3 NG is also so reliable because we know (almost) everything of this machine. If there is some problem, mostly the solution is easy. And we can tell this solution to you!

  • Lowest price in the market

    The machines are made in a high quality factory in China. De Racketclub is the longest distributor in the world of this factory and we cooperated long time with them to make their products really high quality. If products are good and don't need much maintenance, many other companies want to sell these products as well and give these their own brand name, just like De Racketclub. Other companies/brands that sell the same machine for a much higher price are: MSV (Playtec 160), Tennispoint and Siboasi. All ballmachines are from the same factory and they have less knowledge/experience of the product and sure (much) higher price than De Racketclub!

  • De Racketclub enhanced some features and don't sell less features

    Long time the topspin of the Powershot 3 was very good but not perfect. The original Powershot 3 could shot fast but the topspin couldn't be set optimal. Especially for professional players optimal settings for topspin was important. De Racketclub talked long time with the factory to make this topspin better and now the latest Powershot 3 NG could be set at all spin-speeds you want! Even though, some sellers in Europe still sell the old-style machine and maybe they don't even know the difference with the latest version. De Racketclub only sells this best machine version. Even though the price of the Powershot 3 NG is the best in Europe, many customers want to have an even lower price. Now this is possible! We have the Powershot 3 NG Light version available for an even lower price. This machine can do everything of an original Powershot 3 NG machine but not all features are available when pressing the buttons. But, because you can make all programs yourself, you can easily program the more advanced trainings yourself and you can ask De Racketclub how to do this. So the Powershot 3 NG Light can do everything the original Powershot 3 NG machine can but for some advanced trainings, you should make the program yourself and this saves you € 300,-!

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