Racketclub Powershot 3A


Powershot 3A

With this programmable machine you can train (almost) everything!

Do you know......?

  • The Powershot 3A is app controlled

    The Powershot 3A is app controlled AND has a very useful extra small remote control for just start/stop shooting balls. With the app, you can program your own trainings on 28 positions of the court. With the small remote control, you start shooting balls when standing on the court and stop when you are tired.

  • The Powershot 3A has some extra features

    For some trainings, with fixed positions on the court, you can set the fixed positions closer or further from the net so you can set the speed higher or lower to get the balls at the same positions on the court. There are also some extra buttons for "Moon" balls (high topspin) and children play (lower speed and higher).

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