Powershot Tennismash 1


Powershot Tennismash 1

Machine with App control (iPhone & Android) for private use with basic (horizontal and vertical) movement for great private trainings

Product Description
The Racketclub Powershot Tennismash 1 is mainly used for private trainings and private use. 

The machine has normal / topspin / backspin balls and an external Lithium battery for 5-6 hrs playtime.

The horizontal and vertical movement (random) let the machine shoot randomly between the 2 “tramrails” of the court or between halfway service field and baseline or both. The machine vertical movement height is higher than normal machines but the maximum height for playing lobs for training smashes, is not high enough. If you want training smashes, a block needs to be placed under the front feet. The machine is mainly used for the basic strokes with all kind of spin.

Control of machine

The machine is controlled by an App on mobile phone (iPhone / Androïd). You (and your family/friends) don’t need to worry about the remote control, you only need to think about your mobile phone because the app controls the whole machine by bluetooth. No worry for loosing the remote control.


The machine can shoot normal balls, topspin and slice balls at every speed and with the preferred level of spin. For spin, the upper and lower shooting wheel speed could be set as preferred.


The machine can shoot with a speed from 20-130 km/h. Even though the top speed is high, for professional level the Spinfire or Powershot 3 machines might even shoot a little faster. 

Level of player

The machine can be used for young children to shoot very slowly just behind the net and also for high level amateur players. The speed of the machines is suitable for high amateur level (max. Dutch level: 3, German level: LK5). 


All balls, except the bigger Stage 3, can be used. So stage 1 (green) and 2 (orange) children balls, pressurized and pressureless balls. For ball machines pressure less balls are highly recommended because these don’t get soft within a few days/weeks like pressurized balls and the differences between the balls are not so big as pressurized balls. The Racketclub has good pressure less balls for low price and comfortable (not hard) for your arm like many other pressure less balls.


Very comfortable machine for transportation by car with big wheels and an extendable handle makes the machine easily roll over tiles and tennis courts. The machine weighs only 19 kg and could be made very compact 50x37x50 cm (LxWxH).


Machine, external battery, battery charger, ball hopper, English manual and special ebook with trainings made from our long time experience as tennis trainer.

The Powershot Tennismash 1 machine is a very reliable high quality machine (no sensors inside) that is controlled by an app on mobile phone (IPhone/Android). The machine can shoot normal / topspin / slice balls at a fixed point or inbuilt trainings for horizontal or vertical movement or both. With the app you can set the horizontal position, vertical position, horizontal random, vertical random, set the speed and spin of the balls and the frequency of the balls (pause between balls). The machine has power from an external Lithium battery for about 5-6 hours playtime.


The machines moves continuous left/right with the “L/R SWING” button and it moves continuous up/down with the “U/D SWING” button. Also it has buttons to set both positions with only 1 small step at a time (L/R ADJUST and U/D ADJUST) when pressing to exactly control the fixed position to shoot. To move just a bit higher/lower or left/right, you could use the 1-step button, for moving bigger steps, press the movement button and again to stop at that last press position. 

  1. Normal, topspin, slice balls
  2. Shooting at fixed position
  3. Horizontal variable
  4. Vertical variable
  5. Horizontal+Vertical variable
  6. External battery for 5-6 hours
  7. Control by App (iPhone / Androïd)
  8. English manual
  9. Ebook with trainings for ball machines
  10. TM2: 2/3-line – 8 different trainings
  11. TM2: Cross balls (6 types of 2 balls cross of each other)
  12. TM2: Programming up to 20 balls in one training (at 6 positions: 3 horizontal, 2 depths), every position could be used several times

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