2nd Hand Ball Machine Racketclub Powershot 1


This machine is only 1.5 years old and used by a customer. The machine is working perfectly and in a good state. The customer wanted to try a newer model ball machine with more features because he liked training with the ball machine. Including battery, charger, remote control and 220V power cable.

Nice ball machine especially made for private (1 person) training. Easy to use, external battery for 3-5 hours working, 220V, remote control, charger and 220V power cable. The machine shoots at fixed point, horizontal position easy to set via remote control, height settable with turning button on machine. The machine can shoot horizontal random balls and all balls will be shot 20-140 km/h and also with topspin or slice. Ball hopper fits perfectly upside down on machine so it can be made very small for shipment in car. Because battery is external (with cable connection to machine), the weight is only 18 kg!

Optional 120 best balls for ball machines (durable but not hard for arm), special discount price when buying a ball machine.

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The perfect ball machine for private use because the machine can do almost everything that is useful for 1 person training. Like all our ball machines, the shooting wheels are moving internal so you can’t see where the ball will be shot like “old fashioned machines” (Lobster, Tennis Tutor).

The machine operates with remote control and works both on 220V (for continuous operation) and external battery (about 3 hours). Because the battery is external, the machine is light weight (18 kg) so easy to put into the car and also only the battery need to be taken out to charge (not the whole machine).

The Powershot 1 can shoot at one position and horizontal random (left/right movement). The machine can shoot normal, topspin and slice balls. All (except the height) could be controlled by the remote control, the height is set via a turning button on the machine. Therefor the machine easily shoots normal balls, volleys and smashes. The operation of the machine is easy to understand and so you can start immediately without reading the whole manual.

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Coach2 tennisballs

No balls, 120 balls, 240 balls


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