Ball machine Racketclub Powershot 3A – the new app controlled programmable machine!


The Powershot 3A is a high quality machine with all the features of our best Powershot 3 NG machine. The machine will be controlled in 2 ways:

  • by app: all settings and trainings will be controlled with your phone (Android and iPhone)
  • by a simple remote control: for only start / stop shooting, you can use the small remote control

The small remote control for only start / stop the machine is very useful. When you set your training and all features of the machine, you use your phone. When you want to play, you can easily use the small remote control, only for start and stop your training. No need to put your phone in your pocket but sure the machine can only be used with your phone, if this is no problem for you!

The machine has the same features as the Powershot 3 NG that are useful for tennis:

  • Fixed position
  • Cross balls: 2 balls cross to each other (different in depth and horizontal position), totally 6 different 2 positions trainings. These 2 cross balls can be set closer to the net or deeper (height: low/mid/high)
  • Horizontal: horizontal random, 2-line wide/medium/small, 3-line
  • Vertical: random depth, 2-line (short and deep) and even circular play in depth (a feature that the Powershot 3 NG doesn’t have), also the depth could be set closer to the net or deeper (height: low/mid/high)
  • Volley: at 3 positions left/middle/right
  • Smash: set at the height and horizontal position that you want
  • Random: real random at 4 (depths) x 7 (horizontal) positions
  • Programming: make your own program (max. 28 shots) at 4×7 positions. The programmed positions can also be set closer to the net or deeper
  • Speed from 20-140 km/h, Spin from -6 – +6, Frequency from 1-10

The machine is controlled by an app on Android or iPhone so you don’t need to worry about loosing/damaging the remote control. Also for tennisclubs this is interesting, every player that wants to use the machine, can install the app on their phone and play with the machine. Included is a huge external Lithium battery (6-8 hrs playtime) and a charger. Optional is an external powersupply to connect the machine to 220V (AC) so you can play continuous with the machine.

This moment the machine is in black but we have a few red machines, please add as note to the order if you want a red one. The warranty is 2 years and we give excellent support on the machine.

Many players liked our best ball machine Powershot 3 NG. The Powershot 3A is the new app controlled Powershot 3 machine with the same features and the successor of the Powershot 3 NG.

There is an Android and iPhone app for the Powershot 3A. Extra included is a small remote contol for start / stop shooting balls which is very useful on court (don’t need your phone for pause shooting).

Included is a powerful external Lithium battery (6-8hrs playtime) with charger. Optional is an external powersupply for using net power (220V).


Coach2 balls

No balls, 120 pcs, 240 pcs

Ball picker

Catcher, No ball picker, Picking basket, Rollercoaster

External power supply (for continuous use to 220V)



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