Ball machine Racketclub SMART 2 – the tiny app controlled programmable beast!


The tiny beast programmable ball machine, small but powerful!
A very ompact machine with many features: fixed position, cross balls, 2-line play, random play at 15 (!) positions, topspin and slice balls and you can even program your own trainings.

The machine is controlled by an app but also has a small remote control for just stop and start the selected training from the app when you are on the court, very handy. You can select your training and don’t need to take your phone with you when on court.  The app is available for Android and iPhone phones.

You can train all strokes that you want: forehand, backhand, volley, smash (limited height) and you can select normal balls or with topspin or slice. The speed of the balls could be set from low (20 km/h) to high (140 km/h).

There are many extra options by pressing just 1 button, like “Primary button” for playing balls to young children, “Smash” (high balls), “Volley” (for playing at net), “Moon” (high topspin balls) and Program (making your own training at 20 (!) positions on the court, 5 horizontal and 4 depths). Also the programs could be saved on your phone, so you can create many “ready made” trainings and just play back from your phone.

Sure the machine also have some limitations like the whole machine moves left/right and so a bit predictable but the moment that it moves to another direction is just before the ball is shot and it is difficult to predict the ball, so it has been made very “smart”.

The machine works on a huge external (Lithium) battery for about 6 hours play time. Also there is an external power supply available for the machine (optional) for continuous use on 220V connection, select this when ordering the machine. The Racketclub SMART 2 is at this moment only in red (in black: SOLD OUT!) and has a weight of only 15 (!) kg (battery: 1.7 kg) and a size of only 44x32x44 cm (LxWxH). So, very easy to put in a car and only need to take the battery at home to charge. The warranty is 2 years and we give excellent support on the machine.

Ball picker

Catcher, No ball picker, Picking basket, Rollercoaster

Coach2 balls

120 balls (+free ball bag), 240 balls (+free ball bag), No balls


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