Ball machine Racketclub SMART 2B TENNIS – the tiny app controlled programmable beast!


Experience the pinnacle of training flexibility with the Racketclub SMART 2, the ultimate ball machine meticulously engineered for both tennis and padel players. This compact yet mighty machine is your ticket to an enriched, dynamic practice session, tailored to the unique demands of your chosen sport.

Customization at Its Finest:

Upon acquisition, the SMART 2 is meticulously configured to cater exclusively to your sport—tennis or padel—enhancing your training experience with sport-specific drills and functionalities. Through our intuitive app, available for both Android and iPhone users, you gain access to customized controls. These are not just ordinary settings; they’re your arsenal for mastering the court, featuring specialized buttons dedicated to the unique aspects of tennis or padel. Even though the Smart 2B can be used for both tennis and Padel, this machine is set for tennis. If you (also) want to use the machine for Padel, choose the Smart 2B PADEL.

Revolutionary Speed Variability:

One of the standout features of the SMART 2 is its unparalleled ability to adjust the speed, frequency, and spin for each shot, allowing for a highly customized training session. Whether you’re refining your tennis backhand with a series of fast, deep balls followed by a strategic drop shot, or honing your padel skills with a swift volley before executing a slower bandeja, the SMART 2 adapts to your every need.

  • Tennis Mastery: Dive into an array of button controls for fixed, cross, horizontal, vertical, volley, smash, and random plays. Elevate your game with the “Vary Speed” feature, crafting sequences of balls with individual speeds and frequencies, challenging your agility, precision, and strategic play.
  • Padel Perfection: Explore specialized controls including bandeja, bajada, and service return, alongside the versatile “Vary Speed” function. This allows for the programming of complex drills where each shot can be set at a different speed and frequency, mimicking the unpredictable dynamics of a real match.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Advanced Programming: Program up to 20 court positions, customizing each drill to target every aspect of your game. Adjust the ball’s speed from a gentle 20 km/h to a challenging 140 km/h, catering to players of all skill levels.
  • Effortless Control: Seamlessly select and adjust drills via our app, with a supplementary remote control for convenient start and stop functionality on the court.
  • Supreme Portability: Lightweight design at only 15 kg, coupled with a durable Lithium battery for up to 6 hours of playtime. An optional external power supply is available for uninterrupted training sessions.
  • Comprehensive Support: Enjoy peace of mind with a 2-year warranty and exceptional customer support, ensuring your focus remains on improving your game.

The Racketclub SMART 2 stands as a testament to innovative sports training technology, offering an unmatched level of customization and control. Prepare to revolutionize your practice sessions, tailor-made for the nuances of tennis or padel, propelling you towards your peak performance with every shot. Unlock the potential within and dominate the court with the SMART 2, where your training knows no bounds.

ATTENTION: The machine is set for tennis! If needed for Padel, choose the Smart 2B Padel version on our website for some extra padel buttons in the app.

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Catcher, No ball picker, Picking basket, Rollercoaster

Coach2 balls

120 balls (+free ball bag), 240 balls (+free ball bag), No balls


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