Ball machine service: 2 years with repair effort


Tennis Ballmachine Service. You bought a cheap ball machine on the internet and it has a problem. Then you realize that the most important part of a ball machine is the service of the seller. What, if the seller is in “Faraway country”? Or the seller is just a seller of the machines and don’t know anything of the machine? Do you think the service is good then? Do you send it back to China for your own costs, which is more than the value of the machine, even though the seller said they give 2 years warranty on the machine? How is your Chinese language to discuss your problem with a Chinese technician? Or do you prefer to talk with the seller in half English, who don’t know anything of the machine and can’t answer your questions, even when he understands what you say. Then, you realize that buying a ball machine on the internet from China was not the best idea. A ball machine is a machine that sometimes needs some service and, just like a car, needs a good garage. Why do you buy your car at a reliable professional garage and your ball machine just somewhere on the internet? De Racketclub (Netherlands) is specialist in Ballmachines, Badmintonmachines and many other Sportmachines and we know a lot of most ball machines. We have a special service center with many parts on stock, even though it doesn’t guarantee we have the parts of your machine on stock. When you have bought this service and you have a problem with your ballmachine, you can contact us and we can tell if we can repair your machine. But if you want more safety and sporting fun with your machine, you can also buy a ball machine from De Racketclub, then all service is included for 2 years (warranty) and also you can contact us when there is a problem after the warranty period, we sure help you. De Racketclub only sells quality ball machines and regularly contact the factory about enhancements and solutions for problems. We are engineers and tennis trainers and so the right place for a (tennis) ball machine!

For this service product you have 2 years that you can contact us to discuss the problem with us (whatsapp, phone), you can send the machine to us and we search what is wrong with the machine and, if possible, we will repair. The parts, that are broken, should be paid or you should receive from the one you bought the machine from. Even though, when we don’t have an essential part of the machine, sometimes it is not possible for us to repair. But mostly the problem is simple and we have many parts of other ball machines, that can be used on many other machines, available. So no absolute guarantee for repair but a big chance for repair. If we really can’t repair we will credit half of the payment for this service (but then the service stops).


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