Coach2 balls (120 balls) perfect ball machine balls with free ball bag!

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Bag with 120 Racketclub Coach2 tennis balls. These balls are the right balls for ball machines because of their durability and playing comfort. Many pressure less balls are durable but not so good for your arm because of their hard outside. These balls are durable AND are perfect for training as if you play with pressurized balls (which will get soft within a few weeks, this is not what you want when buying 100+ balls for your ball machine). In ball machines it is important to have all balls the same pressure so the bounce is the same. Even when the ball machine shoot very accurate at the same place, when using pressurized balls, the place will get more different for each ball after a few weeks. Not with these balls and you sure will like these balls for playing with. While we buy these balls straight from the factory with our own brand name, we can offer these high level balls for a low price. These balls were also tested in all our ball machines and sure work fine. Price is for 120 balls. These balls are also available in tubes of 3 balls (see Coach2 – tube of 3), so you can try first if you like the balls.

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