High quality Face Masks CE/KN95/FFP2 certified (Corona 95% proof) from stock! (5 pcs/box)

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High quality FFP2/KN95 95% Corona protected Face Masks from stock! (5 pcs / box). These Face Masks are 4 layers and packed in a Sterile Sealed plastic bag (5 pcs), so high quality. Discount of 15% (4-6 pcs) or 20% (7-17 pcs) or 25% (18+) ).

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5Pcs/Box KN95/FFP2 High quality 95% Corona virus protected Face Masks 

–Versatile: Corona virus, Flu, Dust, Dentist, Salon, General Maintenance
–Protection: Four layers for 95% Corona virus protection for longer time
–Perfect and comfortable fit to face and can be used longer time

Applicable: All Ages Unisex

How to use our masks:
1. Open the mask.
2. Place the mask on the face with the bridge of the nose on the top; adjust the top wire by hand to fit the bridge of the nose completely.
3. Elastic ear hanging on the ear.
4. Adjust the size of the mask to completely cover the nose and mouth.

Package included:

5 x Desinfected Masks in Sterile Plastic bag

100Pcs/Lot Disposable Mask Anti Pollution Masks Fabric Nonwovens Dustproof Health Care Mouth Mask Blue Adult Unisex Protection


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