Rental Ball machine tennis (1 mid-week or weekend, excl. shipment)


Rental of Powershot Tennismash 1 tennis ball machine for 1 weekend or mid week (1 week, shipment excluded). The Powershot Tennismash 1 machine could be sent by packet shipment for an extra € 30,- (Netherlands) or € 40,- (Belgium/Germany). If the machine is picked up and returned by yourself, you will save these costs, the number of days could then also be enlarged to 7. The Powershot Tennismash 1 is very suitable for events at a tennis club and private training because of the app control on your mobile phone and the easy operation. You can find information and videos of the Tennismash 1. For rental the Powershot Tennismash 1 is available with an external battery.

There is a deposit of € 100 on the machine, which will be refunded after receipt of the machine back. Any (really culpable) damage is deducted from the deposit.
We will contact you for the reservation date.


*) It is possible to use 100 balls. When sent back, 5 missing balls is free but if it is more than 5, every ball costs € 1,- which will be deducted from the deposit.


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Netherlands, Belgium, Germany

Use of 100 balls *)

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