Rental of high level tabletennis robot (1 week, excl. shipment)


Rental of Oukei TW-2800-S9 table tennis robot for 2 days (weekend). This machine is very advanced and it allows exercises to be done for top-level players. The machine use 220V power connection for continuous use. Although the machine has a lot of possibilities, it can still be learned quite quickly to operate. The machine has 2 shooting holes that can be set separately for spin (for example, one on top spin, the other on back spin) so that the player has to play back several effect balls. The effect can also be set in different directions. Summarized, one of the most advanced table tennis robots available!

An additional € 30,- (Netherlands) or € 40,- (Belgium/Germany) is charged for shipping (to and from customer), for other countries ask the possibilities. If the machine will be picked up and returned by yourself, you will save these costs. There is a deposit of € 100,- on the machine, which will be refunded after receipt of the machine. Any (really culpable) damage is deducted from the deposit.

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Netherlands, Belgium, Germany


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