Teloon NanoSpeed high quality top racket


The Teloon NanoSpeed is a super nice all-round racket that is suitable for almost everyone, but stronger players especially enjoy playing with the racket, the owner of De Racketclub has been playing with this racket for 12 years! Racket is strong and, due to the average head size, weight and balance, very suitable for all-round (baseline and net) play. If you do not want to pay (3-) double the price for a good racket because it is a well-known brand or because a professional player plays with it, this is a great choice. This racket is of really great quality and don’t be fooled into thinking that you play better with Roger Federer’s racket than with this super racket, Roger Federer will also play super with the Teloon Nanospeed ;-).

The racket is strung with the string you prefer (from our string selection) in the kg’s you like. If you have special preferences, please put a note about it in your order.

Choice of grip 2, 3 and 4. Colour: black.

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2, 3, 4


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