Mini Air Cushion Machine (bubbleplastic machine)

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The Mini Air Cushion Machine is the easy, cheap and compact way of creating Bubble Plastic protection for safe shipping goods in cartons. While “ready made” inflatable Bubble Plastic rolls are relative expensive and take a lot of space, is this Mini Air Cushion Machine a low price solution for creating lots of Bubble Plastic material for protecting your goods. With the Mini Air Cushion Machine, you also get 2 pcs of 300 meter rolls big inflatable filling bags for free with the machine. Most types of Bubble Plastic rolls could be used with the machine, the machine is made for the standard rolls available in the market. You can get these rolls for low price at The Racketclub as well.

The same machines, with a nice English name, are sold on internet for much higher amounts but from the same factory in China. Don’t pay € 1000,-  or more for the same machine with a nice English name, this one can do the work with 2 rolls for free.

And De Racketclub has all these products on stock and gives 2 years warranty on this product.


This tool is easy to use:

  1. Turn on machine
  2. Put bubbleplastic roll on machine
  3. Cut bubbleplastic roll air hole skew
  4. Put air hole of bubbleplastic roll over the air tube of machine
  5. Move the plastic roll with button through machine
  6. Start machine working


Size: 35 x 17 x 25 cm
Weight: 6 kg


Size: 40 x 26,5 x 31 cm
Weight:6,5 kg


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