Racketclub Feather 1 – Excellent Feather Shuttles – Tube 12 pcs


Excellent feather shuttles from badmintoncountry China for a budget price. Tube of 12 pcs feather shuttles for professional badminton training. Does your club wants to train with feather shuttles for a low price, this is your chance! These shuttles were made for the Chinese market and in China there are a lot of badminton players so they know what shuttle is good and not good. These shuttles were qualified as “very good”.

For such a low price, you don’t expect quality products like this. But the price of products isn’t made by the factories but by the businesses with logo’s, brand names and professional players you see in the advertisement. This product is made by a high quality factory in China who makes the shuttles for well known brands as well. So don’t think “such a low price, can’t be good” but think more deep “when De Racketclub buys straight from the factory, the price for high quality can be low”!

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Quantity of tubes (12 shuttles)

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