Racketclub Flash-1


Comfortable electronic stringing machine with round tensioning system for tennis, badminton and squash rackets.

  • Constant electronic tensioning system with the most modern, high-resolution LCM display and sensor keypad
  • Innovative linear quick-release and self holding string mechanism for quick and string-friendly stringing
  • String tension adjustable in steps of 0.1 kg precise for more exact individual preferences
  • Pre-stretch function of the strings in several percentages extra tension – particularly suitable for multifilament, twisted or curled strings
  • 3 different pull-on speeds
  • Memory function
  • Knot function
  • Setting of exact tension values ​​from 5 – 40 kg
  • Button for locking the racket (can’t turn anymore)
  • 2 pcs high quality clamps with 5 fingers for evenly touching the string at 5 positions
  • Complete tool-set with nose plier, cutting plier, 2 awls, badminton and tennis enhancement plastic sets and several spare parts for eventually maintenance
  • With optional variable foot (workplate heigth 75-95 cm), the machine can be used both as foot-model and as table model

This mechanism for the clamps is a great “one click” solution for a budget stringing machine. After tensioning a string, the clamp loose from the string and “fall” into the clamp holder and unlocks the clamp holder.  This feature is normally only available on expensive stringing machines.


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