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Ball machine, with internal battery for about 3 hours and 220V for continuous play, including remote control, charger and power cable. The machine shoots at fixed position, horizontal 2-line, 3-line or random, vertical in 2 depths (f.e. serviceline and baseline) and 4 kind of cross trainings (2 positions cross of each other, f.e. short mid and deep Forehand). This ball machine is especially useful for the basic FH and BH strokes and volleys. Higher balls is possible but little difficult to set at right height.

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The Powershot 2 machine is meant for training your basic strokes (forehand, backhand, volley) with normal, topspin or slice balls. Higher balls can be served but is more difficult. If you like to train on the tenniscourt mainly your basic strokes, this is a perfect machine. The machine can serve horizontal/vertical variable balls, 2-line balls (also 2 depths), 2 cross balls and random balls. Because the machine can shoot balls at 2 fixed horizontal positions, it is also useful for training 2 (groups of) people, every player gets a ball and the machine moves then to the other player. The 2-line function is a very useful feature for training people because you can split a group in 2 separate groups which is twice as efficient as only one group.

The machine has a battery (for about 4 hours) and works with 220V power. The big wheels and the inflatable handle makes the machine easy to transport, the ball bucket (for about 160 balls) could be put upside down on the machine to make the machine compact and easy put in a small car.

Like all the Racketclub machines, the shooting system moves internally so it’s not predictable where the ball will be shot. The machine has 6 positions on the court (3 horizontal, 2 depths) and there are programs for mixing balls between these positions.

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120 Coach2 balls

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