Racketclub Pro-2 lever stringing machine with complete toolset


High quality lever machine for easy stringing your own rackets and save money. The machine has a complete tool-kit and high quality 5-fingered clamps for dividing the pressure on the strings. The fastening mechanism fix the string automatically when putting the string between the 2 metal blades while tensioning. The machine is suitable for tennis-, badminton- and squash rackets. After you strung a few rackets, you know your preferred amount of kg’s. When stringing for others, it might be useful to choose the calibrator so you know the exact amount of kg’s for stringing at a specific weight. The calibrator is, when buying the machine, for a discount price.


  • 2 High quality 5-fingered clamps
  • Complete toolset with 2 awls, cutting plier, nose plier, plastic racket enlargers, 6 allen keys and several extra parts for future maintenance
  • Measurement label in kg’s or lbs
  • Extra button for locking the racket from turning
  • Comfortable locking feet for clamps
  • Compact machine with weight of only 23 kg, so comfortable to take with you to tournaments

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