Powershot Tennismash 2 – App controlled Tennis Ballmachine for Private use and Training

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The Powershot Tennismash 2 is a ball machine that has some nice features to train your basic strokes, train some cross balls, make your own trainings (programming) and train like playing against a partner (random). You can use your mobile phone (Android and iPhone) for controlling the machine with a nice app. The machine will be used with an external Lithium battery for about 5-6 hours play time, this is very handy because you don’t need to move the whole machine for charging, just charge the external battery and you are ready to play, the machine can stay at the tenniscourt or in the car. The machine can play normal, topspin and backspin balls. For training all your strokes, you can set the machine to shoot at a fixed point, when you want more challenging training, the machine can move continuously left/right or up/down or both (random) and playing drills at 2 positions (2-line and cross). Especially the programming function, for 6 positions on the court, is special. You can create your own trainings for maximum 20 balls at the 6 positions (3 horizontal, 2 depths). You can choose to shoot normal, topspin or backspin balls and the amount of spin could be set as you want and at every speed. Because the up/down movement is over a larger angle than normally for tennis between the service line and the base line, it is also suitable to use for Padel (but for high balls you need to add some blocks of 5 cm under the front feet of the machine). For Padel, the lob foot might be useful for higher lobs.

Extra options for the Tennismash machines are:

  • Extra external battery pack (with cables+bag)
  • External power supply for continuous use of the machine, should be connected to a 110/220V power wall outlet
  • A lob foot for extra high balls (sets the front of the machine about 4 cm higher

The Powershot Tennismash 2 is a reliable machine and very compact and light (19 kg).

Tennismash 2

Tennismash 2

The machine is a great machine for all players (also children) below the top professional level, for Netherlands this is max level 3, for Germany this is max. level LK5. The machine is very safe, durable and reliable because:

  • The machine has no remote control that can be lost, broken or forgotten, you only need your phone
  • The machine has a long term battery. After some years, it easily could be replaced by a newer one
  • The ball hopper is made very clever, no balls will stay in the hopper and no risk for people collecting the balls before hopper is empty. When ball machine stops shooting, no balls in machine anymore.
  • The machine is solid and easy to control by the app
  • The machine has big wheels for easy transport

The differences of the Powershot Tennismash 2 compared to the Tennismash 1 (see video below), is that the Tennismash 2 has:

  • all features of Tennismash 1
  • some 2/3-line functions (can shoot at 2 or 3 exact fixed positions)
  • 6 cross positions trainings for shooting 2 balls
  • random balls at 6 positions on the court
  • programming (!) of max. 20 balls at 6 positions on the tennis court for your own trainings


Coach2 tennisballs

No balls, 120 balls, 240 balls

Extra external battery

No, Yes

External Power Supply (110-220V)

No, Yes

Lob foot

No, Yes

1 review for Powershot Tennismash 2 – App controlled Tennis Ballmachine for Private use and Training

  1. Amy

    Great machine, many trainings for a good price. Im very happy with it!

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