Remote Control for Racketclub Powershot 3 Next Generation

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New Remote Control to change your Powershot 3 machine (sold before August 2020) for upgrade your machine to a Powershot 3 Next Generation with better control for topspin and backspin balls. The remote control could also be used as a spare remote control.

The Powershot 3 machine was already a high level tennis ball machine but in August 2020 the machine has been upgraded to the Powershot 3 Next Generation. Especially the spin has been changed and now the spin could be set at every speed you want with this Remote Control. In the past, the spin was set to a fixed speed. If you want high speed topspin balls, you could easily set the speed of the upper wheel to 140 km/h and the bottom wheel to (for example) 100 km/h which makes the machine the right machine for top professional tennis players. But it’s now also possible to use spin at low speeds, so you might use it for children. Shooting low speed balls with some backspin to the children, so they can get used more easily to the balls of the machine (so the ball doesn’t bounce over the children when they’re running towards the ball). Also, when you bought a Powershot 3 machine before¬† august 2020, you can upgrade your Powershot 3 to a Powershot 3 Next Generation with this remote control. Below you can see in the video how fast topspin balls could be shot with the Powershot 3 Next Generation, at the bottom you can see the speeds of the upper and lower shooting wheel for topspin (topspin: upper wheel more speed than lower wheel, backspin: lower wheel more speed than upper wheel).

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