S823 linear electronic stringing machine


Electronic Stringing Machine S823

The S823 is an electronic stringing machine which tensions the string linear, so it doesn’t bend the string while tensioning. The machine has a foot but, as you can see in the pictures at the bottom corners, it could easily disconnected from the foot and used as table model or easily take to a tournament. The machine is suitable for all kind of rackets (tennis, badminton, squash, etc.). The machine could be set in lbs or kg’s in steps of 0.1 exact. The racket holder has 2 inside clamps and 4 outside clamps (2 at bottom and 2 at top of racket which both together could be clamped with one turning button).

Properties and features:

  1. Pre-stretch function (tension a bit more than the kg’s to overcome the friction outside the frame) in 10%-25% extra
  2. Constant pull (controls continuous the exact kg’s while tensioning), no calibrating necessary
  3. 4 sets memory settings
  4. Knot function for extra tension to finish with a knot, can choose 10%-25% extra. After knot, automatically set back to regular tension
  5. LCD display for settings and kg’s / pounds display
  6. High quality clamps with 5 “fingers” to share the force on the string and string width change settings
  7. The fast tension system automatically clamps the string between 2 plates and a button, straight behind it to start tensioning
  8. Machine is white, self-calibrating and includes an extensive tool set.



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