Spark 2 – Electronic linear stringing machine with Wise 2086 Professional Tennishead

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The linear stringing machine with Tennishead motor makes this machine a compact high level stringing machine with a Wise 2086 Professional Tennishead with many features (for example pre-stretch), 5-fingered clamps and a complete toolset (see picture). This machine is only available as table model and the Wise 2086 Tennishead motor part is installed on the metal bar above the bottom plate. The bottom plate has a built-in area for putting the tools. The racket holders are high quality with plastic protection. The 5-fingered clamps protect the string because of the 5 positions which shares the force on the string.

The Wise 2086 Electronic Tensioning head has these advantages/features:

  • Continuous pull (the machine is continous measuring the tension and pulls the string when necessary)
  • Pre-stretch function for 10/15/20 or 25% extra tension (the string will be tensioned a litle more every time to overcome the resistance of the string with the racket frame)
  • 2 memory settings
  • Pause button
  • Linear stringing system with fast tension system (2 metal plates hold the string automatically when start tensioning)
  • Important (!): an “Easy string” button after the string was put within the 2 metal plates, only need to bring string down and tensioning starts, this makes stringing faster and more comfortable


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