Ball machine Spinfire Pro 2 V2

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The Spinfire Pro 2 is the best machine for Paddle because of the high/low movement over a long range, which is very useful for Paddle. While other machines sometimes have more features, this Spinfire machine is one of the few machines where a different vertical movement has been made for tennis AND Paddle. This makes the Spinfire Pro 2 the preferable machine for Paddle. The inbuilt trainings are good for private trainings and club trainings (also groups of players). The use of the machine is easy to understand, even for not technical people. The machine could be used with or without remote control (the machine has a machine panel) but it is advised to use a remote control (is included in the above price) because the remote control is so small and can control all settings!

Spinfire can shoot very fast balls with topspin/slice but also very low speed balls for children and low level players. The machine can shoot at fixed position, horizontal variable, 2-line wide/medium/small and vertical variable, horizontal variable together with vertical variable let the machine shoot random balls.

The Spinfire Pro2 V2 has added some extra distances for moving left/right and has a feature to connect the remote control to just 1 machine, easy when there are more than 1 Spinfire’s at a tennis/paddle club. The machine works with all balls except the bigger stage 3 children balls.

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  1. The Racketclub is exclusive Spinfire distributor for Netherlands and Belgium, and we are not allowed to sell to other countries with an exclusive Spinfire distributor, only to countries without any Spinfire distributor.
Weight 31 kg
Dimensions 63 × 41 × 51 cm
External power supply

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2 reviews for Ball machine Spinfire Pro 2 V2

  1. Remian

    Gemakkelijk te bedienen machine, mooie compacte afstandsbediening. Kan heel hard schieten, zelfs met topspin. Er blijven steeds enkele ballen in korf achter, anders had ik 5* gegeven.

  2. Gianni

    Super machine, topspin and speed is even for top tennis players a challenge. The Raquetclub send the machine from stock within 3 days to me in Belgium, very happy with the machine.

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