Spinfire remote control


Remote control for Spinfire Pro2. The remote control is without battery. Make your choice for the right remote control because we have 3 types:

  • Old style (white) remote control for machines before 2016
  • V3 remote control (light blue creditcard shape model)
  • V4 remote control. For Spinfire Pro2 V1 and V2 which can be connected with just 1 Spinfire (pairing option) in case there are more Spinfire machines on a tennis club. You should have a quite recent Spinfire Pro2 V1 or V2

Especially the V3 has several versions of remote control. Each different version doesn’t work on the other. Please contact us for investigate the right one or, if you want to be safe, buy the remote control with the board so you always have the right combination. When not contacting us, the risk for buying the wrong remote control is yours. We are always willing to find the right one.


v1, v3, v4

Remote control machine board

No, Yes


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