Tabletennis robot Oukei TW-2700-06B


Very solid table tennis robot with many possibilities. Oukei has very good quality products, which makes it easy to maintain the machine. The machine has a panel with which all built-in programs, speeds, frequencies, spin, positions and heights of the ball can be set. The machine places extremely accurately. Including catch net that automatically returns the balls to the ball basket.

The “B” in TW-2700-06B stands for being able to fold the firing opening so that it can be transported more compactly.

Possibilities and details of the robot:

1. 9 different positions on the table.
2. Programming mode for own program of the 9 different positions.
3. Regular mode for positioning ball in 1 position (choice of 9).
4. Random mode for random positions on (1) whole table, (2) only left of table or (3) only right of table.
5. Storage of last exercise for repeated use.
6. Service return training (ball bounces on both sides of table).
9. 9 different types of spin: topspin, backspin, left, right, left topspin, right topspin, left backspin, right backspin, no spin.
10. Automatic collection and transfer of balls to the robot via catch net.
11. Collapsibility of robot making transport or storage much easier.
12. Indicate frequency: 30-100 balls/minute.
13. Indicating speed: 4-40 meters/second.
14. Indicating angle: +/- 45 degrees.
15. Includes: 1 ball catch net, 1 ball pick up net, 2 spare shooting wheels.
16. Color: silver.

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