Racketclub SMART 2B



This Smart “Beast” is compact and light weight and has many features like make own programs and even programs with different shot speeds, height, width and frequency. Can also be optimized for padel with extra padel buttons. Included: Lithium battery, remote control and charger.

Do you know......?

  • The Smart 2B is app controlled and has an enhanced remote control

    The Smart 2B can be controlled with an app for all features and a remote control with basics like speed, spin, frequency, position and some basic trainings.

  • The Smart 2B should be set especially for tennis or padel

    The Smart 2B will be set to tennis (standard) or to padel. With each setting you get some extra buttons for trainings of your chosen sport.

  • The Smart 2B has a very special feature for ballls with different heights and speeds in 1 training

    The Smart 2B has a very special feature that hardly any ball machine has. This is a series of balls with different position, speed and frequency. For padel this means you can program a volley and a bandeja in 1 training. For tennis a few volleys and then a smash, for example.

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