Stringing machine S213

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For all our ball machines we made a good manual ourselves in English, Dutch and some in German language. Also we have a special e-book with trainings for ball machines


Do you want to see the details of our ball machines on the tenniscourts? Here we have some videos with most features of the different machines.


Like a car, every ball machine is different. The specifications and details about features, power energy, way of control, and much more, you can find here.

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Our machines are high quality and low price

Specialists in stringing machines

We have 40+ years stringing experience and we are engineers, the perfect combination for selling stringing machines.

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Details of models
What is necessary for you
How to string a racket
And much more...

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We have our own service center with almost all parts on stock and experienced technicians with knowledge of tennis.

More about our service

About low cost repair
And much more...

Competitive prices

Our prices are very competitive and regularly we have actions for free products or low cost, when buying a ball machine.

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No hidden costs
Often free extra's
Free shipment inside Europe
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