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In 12 years we built a lot of experience of ball machines. Often I wrote down this information in a document for myself but later I realized many customers could use the information to solve easy problems. When customer had a problem, I mailed the document(s). Now we want to offer our customers the technical information by our website. Because many businesses only sell products and don’t want to do anything about support and customer help, we only want to offer this information to our own customers. This is why you need to use a password. We are busy to implement all the technical items, if the link is not ready yet, we have the information so you can contact us to get it by email.

Tennis ball machines in common

Most problems of ball machines have to do with the battery, handle and sensors. Important for ball machines are (1) is the machine high quality and reliable, (2) are parts available, (3) is it easy to replace the parts or will the seller do this. If one of above items is not good, the customer has a real problem. De Racketclub buys first a ball machine to test and see how it is made internally. Some machines have problems even though it is a new machine, some others are working fine but are difficult to maintain and some seems to work fine but later (after using the machine some time) we find problems that we should change first with the factory. We can assure that our machines are tested good and will have little problems. If there is a problem, we have the parts (mostly on stock) or we can order so we receive within some time. Small problems are always possible and therefor we made some documents for customers to solve these themselves (eventually with our help).


De Racketclub

  • The shooting wheels slip on the balls (ball block)
  • The machine shoots in the net or too long (with programs / inbuilt trainings)
  • Handle problem
  • How to calibrate Powershot 3 machine in middle

Stringing machines in common

Stringing machines are mainly reliable and have not so many problems. The most serious parts are the tensioning part to tension the string. If it is an electrical machine, the motor part could have problems. Also the part to fix/hold the string to tension might loosen the string. For fixing the string in the racket, the clamps could have problems, this could be the holder of the machine for the clamp or the clamp itself. When the clamp has problems, it is easy to solve with a new clamp or part of a new clamp but this hardly happens. De Racketclub has all parts available for the stringing machines. The new S213 machines are made “modular” so when something happens with the motor, it could be easily solved by changing the motor part which could be done easily by the customer. We have some on stock but we never needed to use because the motor part is very reliable. Some older machines need to calibrate the amount of kg’s/lbs, the newer machines show the right kg’s/lbs at the display and are self-calibrating.

Siboasi (older models)

  • SS-501 circular tensioning machine – better fix/hold string when tensioning
  • Pro2 manual machine – installing the leveler with weight
  • Pro2 manual machine – lock change by more safe screw
  • Linear stringing machines – 2 metal plates (fix/hold string for tensioning) more close to each other

De Racketclub (newer models)

  • All models – tensioning plates don’t move (good) left / right

Badminton machine 4025

Badminton machines in common

Most problems of badminton machines have to do with the picking of the shuttles or some incidental problem.


  • 4025 shuttle machine – does not start when pressing start button
  • 4025 shuttle machine – the shuttle holder doesn’t stop turning when shuttle is available
  • 4025 shuttle machine – plastic shuttles stay in shuttle holder, pickup not powerful enough

Rollercoaster ball pickup

  • Balls don’t go out easily when putting in ball hopper
  • Metal bar get loosened
  • While picking up the balls, these easily go out at side

Coolang Tennis Sensor

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