Tennis Tutor Club: play “Corona-proof” tennis at home

Tennis Tutor Club

Didn’t you play tennis during the lock down? That’s awful because with this tool you can train your tennis strokes for a low price. The tool can even be used inside a room (about 3×4 meter). And for children no need to play games at the computer, they love playing with the Tennis Tutor Club. See the video’s how great this tool is.

During “lock down” in our garden

Children at tennis club: playing “around the world”

This tennis wall can also be used at a tennisclub during some event. Children, and even mature people, love to play with the tennis wall and many people can play together. Because the ball falls always the same to the ground, players of totally different level can play together. Therefor the Tennis Tutor Club is also a nice tool for families play together, parents and children. The way the ball falls down could be set higher or with more speed, so exactly as you like.

Tennis Tutor Club

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