Best tennis ballmachine for low price – Powershot 3 NG!

You want the best tennis ballmachine for your trainings? Then read this blog post. The Powershot 3 NG is an “easy to use” tennis ballmachine with many features and speed for professional level. And the price is low for such a machine, only € 2350,- all included!

The main features of a professional tennis ballmachine are

  1. very high speed shooting, also with topspin and slice
  2. many features, to do exactly what you need for your trainings
  3. play non-predictable balls (machine don’t move left/right itself!)
  4. long playing time (energy) by a good battery and a power net connection (for continuous use at events)
  5. easy to use control from the other side of the net (remote control)
  6. high reliabillity and good service from the seller

1. High speed shooting

Most tennis machines are suitable for high level amateur players but not for professional level. The Powershot 3 NG can shoot top speed balls (140 km/h) and also combined with spin.

2. Many features

best programmable tennis ballmachine with many in-built features and huge speed
Powershot 3 NG

The Powershot 3 NG tennis ballmachine can (almost) do everything. There are many inbuilt trainings and also random balls but the best part is the programming feature to make your own trainings at all of the 28 (4 depts, 7 horizontal!) postitions on the court. Compared to the well known Spinfire, it has much more features. Even though the operation is quite simple. And the speed of the balls is the same as the Spinfire, also with spin.

3. Predicatable and non-predicatable balls

Many ball machines are predictable because the shooting mechanism is not moving left/right internally, the whole machine is moving left/right and so every player knows where the next ball will be shot. When choosing a tennis ball machine, people don’t know this because many brands don’t say this. But you find out after buying. You can often see from the shape of the shooting hole if it is predictable, the left/right shooting hole is small. Feeding balls for a tennis training is okay, because the players know that they get a ball and it should be at the right position. For simulating a game play, it’s not good. Machine brands like Lobster, Tennis Tutor, Spinshot are predictable, the whole machine moves left/right. Suitable for feeding balls for training but not for getting random balls. Even though some machines, that have internal left/right oscillation, play random balls, these are a bit predictable because of the regular movement. The Powershot 3 NG is really random, the tennis ball machine is constantly moving between one of the 28 positions and it’s really unpredictable where the next ball will be shot. You can see the movement in the video below at 6:45, so you exactly understand what is really random.

4. Energy (long play time)

For private use, a battery of 3 hrs is enough, but it is nice when you can play longer with the battery. The Powershot 3 NG has the largest possible Lithium battery (for 6-8 hrs playtime). And included is also power by connecting to a power source (220V) for continuous use. This is great for events, no worry that the battery is empty and the machine stops. Many machines need a special external Power Supply (AC adapter). In the Powershot 3 NG ball machines, all power sources are included in the price.

5. Easy to use and control from other side of the tennis court

When a tennis ballmachine has many features, it often is difficult to use. Then a trainer has problems to easily make a training with 8 kids around. So a training should be fast and easy to choose and the great advantage of a tennis ball machine for a tennis trainer is that he can be with the tennis players at the other side of the net while the tennis ball machine is shooting perfect balls. The trainer has much more contact with the players when he/she is standing where the players are. Often you see trainers feeding the balls themselves far away from the players and sometimes say “yes, that was a good ball” (players see this themselves as well). For private use, a remote control is a “must”, not only for starting the machine but also if you need some pause or when you want to change your training.

6. High reliabillity and good service

This is the most important part of a ball machine but customers hardly ask for it. For a car, they want a reliable car with a good garage. For a ball machine, people often think that it always will work. Many sellers of ball machines don’t know anything of the machine, especially not technically. De Racketclub is specialized in ball machines and has huge knowledge and experience with it. And almost all parts of the machines on stock. But the Powershot 3 NG is such a reliable machine that we hardly need to service the machine, but when it is needed, customers get the service they need!

All features of the Powershot 3 NG

You want to see the best tennis ball machine?

For more information and video’s, see a list of ball machine features and a comparison of the several high quality tennis ball machines of De Racketclub and a detailed description of the Powershot 3 NG.

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