Tennis ball machines

All high quality with shooting system inside (can't see where ball will be shot)

For everyone the perfect machine


Especially for

€ 1295,-

Private Use


  • Compact, light and simple usage
  • Trainings especially for 1 player
  • Normal, topspin and slice balls
  • Remote control
  • Ext. battery, no need to charge whole machine

€ 2150,-

Club trainings


  • Most built-in trainings of all machines
  • Programmable so very flexible for special (group) trainings
  • Perfect for children and high level players
  • Normal topspin and slice balls
  • Remote control
  • Super battery (6-8 hrs) and 220V power
  • Big wheels for easy transport on tennis park

€ 2295,-

Top level players


  • Best max speed combined with topspin (this is why top level players often choose Spinfire)
  • Basic trainings for private and 2 (groups of) players use
  • Small remote control (creditcard shape) for all functions
  • Padel mode, for high vertical movement
  • Very strong flexible material, can’t break

Videos Powershot 1

Videos Powershot 3

Videos Spinfire Pro2