Badminton training machine Siboasi 4025


Beautiful programmable shuttle machine. This machine is compact, has several in-built trainings and you can make programs yourself for perfect trainings.
Easy control all the features (shuttle positionable with arrow buttons), automatic horizontal and vertical shooting positions (random shooting, 2 fixed positions left / right or 3 fixed positions), vertical automatic varying. Operation via remote control.

– Shoot at a fixed point, horizontally variable controllable by a trainer, vertical automatically variable
– Automatic function for left / right variation
– 2-line and 3-line functions for horizontal shooting at 2 or 3 fixed points
– Variable speed and frequency
– 6 cross trainings where the 2 hor./vert. positions are at a different angle of each other
– Create your own program with 7 (horizontal) x4 (depth) positions, max 28 positions in 1 program!
– Includes height-adjustable foot
– Operates on 220V and on battery.
– Maximum 170 shuttles.

The machine has a 2 year warranty.

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