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Programmable ball machine that is easy to control, despite the many features. The machine has a huge internal Lithium battery for 6-8 hours working with the machine and also powered by 220V for continuous use, all is included so you don’t need to buy extra’s. The machine has big wheels for easy transport and the ball hopper perfectly fits upside down on the machine, together with the inflatable handle, the machine can be quite compact.

The machine shoot at fixed position, horizontal 2-line, 3-line, vertical movement, horizontal movement, really random balls (not just combination of hor/vert movement), 6 special cross balls and normal/topspin/slice balls. Really unique is the random function which really shoots random balls and you can’t predict the next ball. The best feature is the programming, easy to make programs of max. 28 positions and very easy to program. This programming feature is also very useful for training because you can make your own trainings in exact the way that you want.

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The Powershot 3 machine is the most sophisticated ball machine in the market and sure for this low price. While there are so many features for private and trainer use, the machine is quite easy to control. Because of the programming feature, all trainings are possible but there are also many “ready” trainings in the machine.

The machine has a huge Lithium battery (for 6-8 hours!) and works with 220V power. The big wheels and the inflatable handle makes the machine easy to transport, the ball bucket (for about 170 balls) could be put upside down on the machine to make the machine compact and easy put in a small car.

Like all the Racketclub machines, the shooting system moves internally so it’s not predictable where the ball will be shot. The random function is really unique, the ball will be shot really random in the court and not just left/right and up/down like most ball machines do. The machine has 28 positions on the court (7 horizontal, 4 depths) where the programs can shoot the balls. Mostly you use the inbuilt programs but it is easy to make your own program where every position can be programmed once, so max. 28 balls.

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  1. Gary

    I first wanted a Spinfire but this machine can do so much more like making your own trainings/programs, that I decided to buy this Powershot 3 which is a great machine, never regret. Also the Racketclub service is great, it is a “must” for ball machines to have a good service contact like The Racketclub.

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